Natural Skin Care Products

Handcrafted in Telluride, Colorado

Being the largest organ in the human body, your skin is an absolutely essential part of you. It protects you from the outside world, resisting the harsh elements, chemicals, and physical objects you come into contact with every day. As such, keeping your skin hydrated, clean, and healthy is extremely important.

At Smart by Nature, we provide you with handcrafted, natural skin care products that help keep your skin soft and glowing without the use of harsh chemicals that can irritate and be harmful to your skin. We believe in the healing powers of nature, and we want to share the benefits of using products that are completely natural with you. By using herbs, plant oils, clays and highly potent essential oils such as lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus in our natural soaps and body poducts you are able to give your skin exactly what it needs – gentle, natural nourishment.

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